A Think Quick Game

How Fast Are You?

Have fun and workout your brain with this easy to learn yet addicting game. Choose 3 or more numbered tiles that are next to each other and add to 7, 11, or 21 before any tiles reach the top. Download it now!

The New Match 3 Game

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Challenge Your Brain

New type of 'Match 3' game
Tons of fun with endless replay value
Action packed
You better be on your toes for this quick thinking game
Game Center Enabled
See who is the fastest

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The Buzz About

Fun game - Offers good a challenge. Definitely recommend it.
Sandra Lindstedt, AppStore - USA

7-11-21 - Really good game makes you use your grey matter cannot put it down
Raythehat, AppStore - UK

Addicting - Great way to exercise your mind!
dinkeri, AppStore - USA

Good brain exercise - Fun to challenge others!
Bbitouch, AppStore - USA

Get 7-11-21 Now In The AppStore

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